September 20, 2012


Back in July we were put onto Chelsea Wolfe's upcoming acoustic record titled Unknown Rooms. Our first peak a the record, set to drop October 16 via Sargent House, was with "The Way We Used To", a track that still holds that haunted resonance that I've almost come to think of as synonymous with Chelsea. Today the folks at The Fader have gotten the drop on another song from the record. "Appalachia" takes a much more folk-edged sound, and while Wolfe's voice still holds a slight haunt, it almost sounds more mournful than anything. Still, the track is not at all removed from Chelsea Wolfe's previous music; it's more of a stepping stone to dark vibes we've gotten before. It's almost like an exciting peek behind the scenes of one of my favorite songstresses around today.

Stream: Chelsea Wolfe - Appalachia

Previously: Chelsea Wolfe - The Way We Used To
Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs drops October 16 via Sargent House.

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