September 19, 2012

Dance Monkeys

Lost Midås used to be a resident of Boston, playing in a couple of bands there and then eventually doing years of "DIY touring" (through which he opened for The Roots, George Clinton, and Boyz II Men, among others) before he relocated to Los Angeles to concentrate on making his own music. He also runs a new label, Luv Ü Records, with his brother/fellow producer NüTrik; they invite upcoming electronic music producers in the L.A. area to record live sets in their studio, which they then release on their Soundcloud. For his own project, Lost Midås creates what he refers to as "electrofusion", and I'd like to expand that genre to "electro-funk-fusion" — his tracks are slick, golden machines made up of a mixture of poise, funk, and precision. Catchy bits appear and disappear, loops turn, and transitions are as smooth as sliding glass doors. Below, enjoy "Dance Monkeys", a track off his debut s/t digital EP, out very soon.

MP3: Lost Midås - Dance Monkeys

You can download another track, "Love Undone (feat. Taylor O'Donnell)" over on his Soundcloud.

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