September 11, 2012

Diskette Romances

Small hits of music can easily be as satisfying as swirling, multi-tiered epics, a lesson that Diskette Romances seems to have taken to heart with their new, self-titled Sunup Recordings offering. A surprisingly polished and listenable take on the usual lo-fi melted boombox aesthetic of retro infomercial-pop, these tracks hit with quick precision, bringing the Michael Mann Skinemax sunset vibes ("Miro's Dream") at one turn and the PBS childrens' education programming horns ("Haneda") at another. Sample-based eighties worship can be a tricky gambit, but by keeping these snacks bite-sized and fun-packed, Diskette Romances keeps the weekend corporate retreat rolling with style and class to spare. Another stellar offering from the increasingly high-profile Living Room Visions collective.

Click through to the Sunup bandcamp to download the album; you'll need to copy and paste the constituent mediafire link into your browser.

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