September 27, 2012

Emotional Planet

Tonight Robust Worlds open their fall tour at the Breast Imaging Center in Iowa City, Iowa. When I learned this fact I typed "breast imaging center iowa city ia" into the search engine and got a long list of hits, and all pointed to the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics or Mercy, and I thought, That is so fucking far out, are they playing in a waiting room? or in the place where the actual machines and doctors are? Turns out it's a punk house. My source of this information wrote back: how do you even know about it?

This morning I plugged a set of Altec speakers into my laptop and listened to Robust Worlds' first record in my office as I graded papers about bell hooks and love as salvation. I thought about echoes and why they make us feel sad and lonely, especially when they stretch guitar chords and pretty singing. I thought, This guitar is like forest water, the way it eddies and pools and spills over rocks and fallen branches. I thought, What's the name of this song? I like it. It feels like the last third of the second beer at the end of a long day. And I looked at the track list and discovered that it's called "Cave."

The record is in the pre-order stage, though I bet there'll be a few available at the following locations, on the following dates:

9.26  Breast Imaging Center. Iowa City, IA
9.27  Replay Lounge. Lawrence, KS
9.28  Rhinoceropolis. Denver, CO: w/ Paw Paw
9.29  Moldspores. Albuquerque, NM: w/ Alan George Ledergerber
10.2  Human Resources. Los Angeles,CA
10.4  TBA. Oakland, CA
10.8  Howling House. Portland, OG
10.10 Comet Tavern. Seattle, WA
10.11 Top Hat. Missoula, MT: w/ Shahs

But if any of those places are as far away from you as they are from the border of Alabama and Georgia, you can reserve wax at De Stijl. Meantime:

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