September 23, 2012

Empty Staircases

Kelsie Brown stays busy in the underground music scene. I first came to know her through her tenure as a DJ for KZUU, WSU's college station and Pullman's only non-commercial station, and more recently she's been contributing to one of my favorite blogs, No Fear Of Pop. In all of this time, however, I've come to be most enchanted by Brown's music under the moniker Red Alder. Sparse keys and a warm static cradle delicate vocals that seem detached and woeful all at once, perfectly capturing an array of emotions often avoided. Still, the songs do not come across nearly as tragic as they are beautiful. Sadly Empty Staircases is an album meant to put an end to the Red Alder album; but we can only hope this isn't the last we hear from Brown, musically.

Stream/Download: Red Alder - Empty Staircases

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