September 26, 2012

Give Your Light Off

A couple weeks before Woods' "Cali in a Cup" / "Give Your Light Off" single came out, I pre-ordered a copy at Woodsist's website. The kind folks there were nice enough to send me a copy right away, before the official release date. I listened to it on a Saturday night, with my wife and my dogs, and I captured the experience on my Flip. I uploaded the video on this very site and then I sent a link to the friendly fellow at Woodsist. He wrote back immediately and said it was great but please take it down, the b-side is for people who buy the record, and you're really not helping. I took it off right away. He thanked me and apologized for being weird about it, it's just too early to release the track, you know?

Today I saw on the Woodsist twitter that they made a Soundcloud out of the b-side, and put it online for everyone to hear. So I figured, now it's OK, right? I was hoping that my copy of Bend Beyond would arrive today, along with a whole bunch of King Crimson, Gentle Giant, and mid-70s freaky Miles Davis, but it didn't. I ordered these records and more from Twist and Shout. I went looking for that video I shot, because it was one of the best I've done, a document of a perfect cozy moment, but I couldn't find it. I deleted it from this site. I deleted it from YouTube. From my computer. From my Flip. It's gone.

I looked up how to restore a deleted YouTube video and I got something by a guy from Scotland, or Ireland, or whatever, he had a funny accent and I couldn't understand half of what he said, couldn't find the software he said to download, and it was the same thing when I watched a video by a stoner, except I could understand him.

So I gave up. And just then I noticed Squeek was sitting on top of the stereo like a sphinx. I don't have any footage of him doing that. I grabbed the Flip, queued up the record, hit the red button. Squeek stayed there as I slowly backed into my zero-gravity chair and went horizontal, feet up in the air. Then he got up and climbed the shelves and disappeared into the hole. One of the best videos I've ever done. I guess things work out after all.

Anyway, here's the official vapor:

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