September 11, 2012


Earlier this year Haleek Maul jumped on fellow RLG member Chuck Larry's track "Jimmy", a track with a mellow vibes and an infectious hook that will pop into your thoughts days after the last listen. Now Chuck Larry has teamed up with some other RLG homies, Trizzy and Johnny K, to remix the track. Under the new title "GoodFellas", this new version gets even moodier, with plenty of emotional piano breakdown. More interesting is noting how the flow from Larry to Maul on the original is a constant pick up, whereas Larry to Trizzy to Johnny K ends up burning slower as it moves, leaving a feeling akin to falling through a vortex of syrup.

MP3: Chuck Larry - GoodFellas (ft Trizzy & Johnny K)
Previously: Chuck Larry - Jimmy (ft Haleek Maul)
You can download Chuck Larry's Reality Show mixtape for free via mediafire.

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