September 21, 2012

Sirens (Rough Mix)

Back in 2010, many gazers (including myself) were heavily taken with buzzy Oakland noise-pop outfit Weekend's debut album Sports. With tracks like the slow-burning "Coma Summer," that swept the listener up into a swirling, guitar-saturated void, that record to me captured a real sense of thoughtfulness with it's noise, and hit on a particular corner of shoegaze (the release was released by the always-great noise emporium Slumberland Records, after all) which very few bands can really nail without sounding like they just crammed all their FX pedals into a bathroom and hit record. Today, they're back with a rough cut from their upcoming new record. "Sirens" is typical Weekend in the fuzzy vein of "Coma" and "End Times," which is to say you can get lost in this track. Download this burner below.

MP3: Weekend - Sirens (Rough Mix)

Weekend's new, as-yet untitled album will be out in 2013.

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