September 27, 2012

Spiritual Machete

That Tickle Torture, aka Elliott Kozel, would self describe his sound as "synth R&B pop music that sounds like Justin Timberlake got wasted on vodka Redbulls and recorded all night with a bunch of broken synthesizers" seems particularly great for his Spiritual Machete EP's occasional resemblance to the noisier end of the Flaming Lips' astro-funk tunes. Having said that, my wife corroborates the Timberlake similarity. "I just couldn't know". Kozel's from Minneapolis, the home until very recently of our perennial fave Moon Glyph, so I'm less surprised that he also self-identifies with the indie-noise scene that Moon Glyph's debut compilation Regolith Volume One introduced us to with its track from raging noise/dance luminaries Skoal Kodiak. His approach to these new recordings diverges plenty from his past credential, with indie-pop band Sleeping in the Aviary. Though there's a sort of Black Keys style instrumental swagger in the new guitars, Spiritual Machete tells me there couldn't have been enough "art rock" in his past work. To that end, some element of Kozel's live performance involves "full frontal male nudity", which I haven't pried too far into.

Spiritual Machete is available for free (or whatever you can spare) at Kozel's bandcamp.

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