September 20, 2012

Video: Haleek Maul & Supreme Cuts - M00N

Last week King Crimson sent Haleek Maul, Supreme Cuts, and Мишка a cease & desist for use of samples from their music on the recent Chrome Lips mixtape. I'm not sure how this works, but the mix was free so I'm chalking this up to KC being a group of old squares who hate fun. I think it'd be fantastic if Maul & SupCuts could manage to remake the mixtape with new samples, but in reality that seems more absurd than just moving on to the next one. Today Maul and Supreme Cuts dropped the video for "M00N", the second single to drop from the now virtually non-existent Chrome Lips. Directed by the folks at Noisey, the clip follows Maul and a short haired mistress who seems to act as the muse for this track. The video relies on segmented clips to highlight the dark, twisted vibes of the track, without implying much story. If you missed out on the Chrome Lips tape and are dying to have it, shoot me an email. I personally think it's too damn good not to be heard.

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