September 27, 2012

Videos: 50 50U7H51D3 ( ̄ー ̄) x N0 PhuxXx

Last week Realli B hit me up with a video for his track "50 50U7H51D3 ( ̄ー ̄)", aka "So Southside". The track and accompanying clip are both incredibly stellar, with a killer beat produced by Realli under his SiqkoWierdo moniker. The video was also shot by fellow #RedPillGang member Rico Da Freako, who also appears on another track that Realli sent over a video for more recently, called "N0 PhuxXx". It's an appropriate anthem for the carefree across the world, and maybe a little tougher than shouting YOLO as you streak across your high school football field while robotripping. The track also features Atlanta rapper YungPIMP, rounding out a trio of heavy flows on a beat that nearly explodes from the headphones.

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