September 24, 2012

Waking Season

Massachusetts post-rockers Caspian have never shied away from emotion in their music; on their first two albums, they mixed sweeping instrumental bravado with quiet moments of introspective repose, and did it with enough gut-level warmth and passion to set them apart from the crop of Godspeed!-aping late-oughts instrumental rock bands. While I've always dug the considered, poised soundscapes they've created, their new record Waking Season, out tommorow, is (as Gorilla vs Bear might say) a True Next Level Effort and a wonderful step forward for the band. The first full-length from Caspian since 2009's Tertia, they sweeten the punch of their twinkling, emotive strums and hard hitting guitar sweeps with new elements; haunting vocals and a gauntlet of classical and synthetic instruments they've added to the menu this time around. The second track off the album, "Procellous," starts with Boards Of Canada-ish analog starshine and builds into one of the most satisfying crescendos I've heard in music this year. Spin Magazine (with the nod coming from noted always-hard-to-please critic Chris Weingarten himself) was right to recently dub this the "post-rock record of the year," in my opinion, it certainly has a firm grasp on the title so far. Listen to the spiraling, clanging cut "Procellous" below and cop the album over at their Bandcamp tommorow.

MP3: Caspian- Procellous
Waking Season drops 9/23 on Triple Crown Records

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