October 30, 2012

All Gone

Coca Cola is pop. So is Dr. Pepper. And Sprite. And all the diet colas, they're pop too. When you get right down to the sugary core, these beverages vary little. But sometimes they taste unlike anything you've ever tasted before, better, like when you drink them with popcorn, or when it's hot and you're tired, or with rum. This morning I listened to Pop Singles' new cassette, All Gone, as I drove to work. The sun was shining and the music made me happy, ready to teach college kids how to write. The moment was perfect for pop. What's new here? What's unique? The vocals are gentle and friendly, the drums enthusiastic, the guitars sound warm. Shawn Reed at Night People writes that the songs are "full of heart and hope while also capturing something both melancholic and fun all at once." True dat. Pop Singles are from Melbourne, Australia. This cassette is a simultaneous release of an LP released by Vacant Valley in Australia. I'm going to listen to side two on my drive home tonight. It'll make me happy to do the dishes and grade papers.

Pick up a copy from Night People, who are offering a sale through the end of November: buy four, get one free, or buy six, get two. They'll mail them anywhere in the world.

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