October 18, 2012

Crystal Aquarium

Between You And Me, the soul-clenching production project of Miami's Jonathan Abramson, is all set to drop his new EP this Monday; but in the meantime he's opened it up early for us to stream in all it's glory. Crystal Aquarium is every bit of what the title might lend to the imagination. The delicate synth work hinges on the bubbly, reflective atmosphere of the ocean while blurring the same reflections in the marred, beautiful surface of gems embedded along the reef. Abramson explained in a recent Storytellers feature at Portals the full inspiration of the EP. I'll go ahead and tell you it was a near-death experience, so now you have to read the article or you're gonna be wondering all day. Just go ahead and press play on the stream before you pop over there.

Stream: Between You And Me - Crystal Aquarium

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