October 3, 2012

Larks' Tongues in Aspic

On Sunday I tried to listen to all my King Crimson and Gentle Giant records in chronological order. At hour four, during side two of Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Mafalda stood from her high perch and climbed up and away.

Earlier I had on Lizard, and I noticed that some of the lyrics correspond with the pictures on the cover. But as soon as I picked up on the pattern, it disappeared. I couldn't find another match. I listened to the whole album with intense concentration, spotted a couple near-matches. I sent a note to a friend of mine who lives two time zones away: "Lizard ranks high on the list of head-fuckingest records of all time."

He replied: "you are gettin into serious wife-will-definitely-hate type of music now. SHe may say she likes it, you may say she likes it, but the day will come when she will say-take this shit off!!!"

My wife was two shut-doors away, in the bedroom, writing on deadline.

Before last week, I was someone had never really listened to all the records King Crimson made in the 1970s. If you're like I was, you;re lucky, because you can hear most of them back to back with virgin ears. I have done this and I can tell you it's quite a sonic thrill.

Of course you can steal them, but if you do, go lossless, burn them, do it right. Seriously, buy the goddamn vinyl. Drive around to every record store in town, grab as much of the discography as you can, and a twelve-pack or a couple bottles of kombucha on the way home, and some snacks, and listen to all of them one after another.

My wife finished her assignment three quarters of the way through side one of Starless and Bible Black. When I got up to flip it over, she asked, "Doesn't the rain sound nice?"

I wanted to get through at least side two. Four more records on my playlist, and it was obvious they wouldn't be heard today, but for the love of god please, let me get through this one last side. 

No luck. "Horrible," she said.

Now we've got Sail Away turned up good and loud, which is ok, because I was humming it when I was at the Piggly Wiggly this morning. And later we'll listen to the rain, I'm sure.

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