October 3, 2012

Lords Of The Underground

Just a couple of weeks ago the Blackland Raider Klan gave us their first greatest hits collection, packed with over two hours of leaned out smoke jams steeped in '90s nostalgia. Apparently October is Raider Klan Month, so it seems that first formal introduction was to get us prepared for a month of new hits. The first unveiled is a killer new one from Grandmilly featuring Team Sesh leader Th@ Kid, off of their upcoming joint EP titled BLVCKNWHITE, due out this Halloween (aka Raider Klan Day). As per BRK's usual, "Lords Of The Underground" rides dark, heavy waves that were produced by JerBear, a nickname that I also answer to frequently. Grandmilly jumps on the track with a chilled out yet fast paced flow that becomes perfectly accented by Th@ Kid's cleaner filter and paced out flow, making for a brilliant start to Raider Klan Month.

MP3: Grandmilly x Th@ Kid - Lords Of The Underground

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