October 30, 2012

Nouveaux Gymnastes

"Suaves Figures is a brand new project by Piotr Kurek from Poland (well-known as PIĘTNASTKA) and Sylvia Monnier from France. Their debut album consists of seven short but brilliant synth compositions. Limited edition of 100 copies."
I love reading blurbs from Polish experimental label Sangoplasmo Records - chances are I learn something and how else is anyone supposed to see words like "Piętnastka"? As an American, I'm starved for odd accents and little tails on my vowels. How else would I have found out that Warsaw based abstract composer and artist Piotr Kurek is an absolute genius? His previous Piętnastka release with Sangoplasmo, Dalia, is a sprawling and epic synthesis of experimental composition with the traditional melodies of eastern Europe. Sylvia Monnier, who also records as Sunny Dune, is an equally excellent composer of drone music. As I discover his work in turn (the previous names are aliases of Mika Perez), the distinctiveness of their collaboration reveals its greatest extent in the sense of a common animus, dynamic melodies with a similar obliqueness; Kurek in the sounds of his exotic library-music and Sylvia Monnier in the collaging of landscapes and moments behind their dry ringing. Their debut collaboration as Suaves Figures, Nouveauux Gymnastes, is on its surface a very enjoyable synthesis of the two sensibilities, though the character of its synths might seem to overstate Kurek's influence; a stirring hammer against the anvil of what might be reasonably called Monnier's drone.

MP3: Suave Figures - Figure 1
Purchase Nouveaux Gymnastes here.

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