October 29, 2012

Opal Vol I & II

Tracks 2-4 from the first volume of Moon Glyph's new Opal sampler are, in order, contributions from: the New Lines, Velvet Davenport, and Halasan Bazar. If you've observed in any way Moon Glyph's equestrian cultivation of the perfect psych-stables, these three bands will be familiar as representing some of the label's best stock in retro psych-pop. The three tracks are preceded by Tara King th., an unfamiliar name to me, but a band that clearly shares a similar sensibility, jangly guitars and organs akimbo; an exciting expansion of the label's interests in Europe. I say exciting because like opals themselves, Moon Glyph has proven itself a pristine nexus in which the disparate shades of psychadelia can be united in full apprehension of their shared meaning and significance. Few labels have done it better. I expect Moon Glyph biographies from major, as opposed to niche, publishers well within the confines of my middle-adulthood. Probably while I'm still fresh faced enough to write a rebuttal, sharing my own lucky perspective on the label's development. & I've only talked up the first four tracks of his highness' sampler, most radiant, that I woke to this morning (I reckon with a start and hasty obeisance). The lazy meandering of a distorted, echoing synth across Non-Travellin' Band's dry guitar jam launches the sampler into the full range of Moon Glyph's interests, anchored midway by more pop from Magic Castles and later by a guitar oriented meditation from Jennifer Baron's project the Garment District, underpinned by distorted samples and the sounds of a looping storm. 

Halasan Bazar - Everyone Dies
The Garment District - When Raven Claws the Sky
Download Opal Vol. I & II direct from Moon Glyph.

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