October 26, 2012

Premiere: Vacation Dad - L I V I N (Pregant Mashup)

Earlier this month Vacation Dad released a new EP, much to our surprise and excitement since last year he had announced that he would be retiring from the moniker. With L I V I N comes an EP of the first new tracks from Vacation Dad since 2010. Three original tracks (two of which include Little Spoon on the "weird little samples") and a handful of remixes comprise the album, but Vacation Dad is still adding remixes to keep us hooked. The most recent addition is killer edit from Pregnant that applies a chop and screw aesthetic in an excitingly fresh format. The remix is mostly of the track "Grande Gordo", but also features samples from the other two tracks, hence it being labeled as a mashup of the entire release. There are still a couple more remixes to drop via Kynan and Justin Depth, though I'm told if you buy the album now it comes with both tracks for your early listening pleasure.

Stream: Vacation Dad - L I V I N (Pregant Mashup)
L I V I N is available now via MJMJ, so give it a listen and maybe buy a digital copy with that gorgeous photobook of tour shots from across the globe.

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