October 2, 2012

Surveys His Position

When I woke up this morning it felt like it's been too long since I wrote up a tape that I hadn't been spoon fed by Washington's prodigious cassette lobby, and fortunately the somber whimsy of Singapore Sling's artwork for their new tape with x.y.r. said more than just "here are two parties you've never spoken with". Though Treasure Island was more often read in my home growing up, my piecemeal experience of Robinson Crusoe has always held some magic for me... even the few glimmers of expansive homespun island compounds and tropical beauty I have from that time seem too ideal to spoil by actually reading the book and finding the prose disappointing or seeing the movie and finding the acting second rate. The syrupy tempo x.y.r. keeps on his so called Robinson Crusoe: Lost Soundtrack coupled with his bright synths gives the album a precociousness and wonder that I easily link up with that experience, so perhaps I am uniquely suited to enjoy them, but I think more that tone and even the album's cover art can speak more articulately. The book plate style artwork and the album's sense of slow wonder repackages the original novel, ironically as they are not so different from the original, for a contemporary audience that finds new resonance in the form of that original and even in the struggle to maintain a particularly sense of self in unfamiliar surroundings. To me, no song on the album better illustrates that than the more confident rovings of "Surveys His Position" with its explicit orienting of Crusoe outward in assessment of his new home.

According to Singapore Sling, "x.y.r. is Vladimir Karpov's solo-project. All music was made in june 2012 (at home in Cherepovets City, Russia) analog synth formanta-mini". Thanks to Charly from Beko-DSL for sharing this on his facebook page. This block of Cyrillic and crazy pictures (too the layman) will probably lead you to the same conclusion we've hit on; Singapore Sling looks awesome. Grab Robinson Crusoe: Lost Soundtrack on cassette here or pay what you want on x.y.r.'s bandcamp.

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