October 24, 2012

The Meets - Even When The Time Comes

Here's another stellar treat from Johnstown, PA's rising My Idea of Fun gang (itself a thrilling associate of our pals over at Living Room Visions). The Meets is the latest outlet for mastermind/mad genius producer Brandon Locher. Here, he commands a merry, crazed orchestra through graceful, wobbly trip-hop ("Even When The Time Comes", mastered by the great Nick Zammuto), woozy psych noise-collage ("16 Hours Of This") and even wackier jazz noise ("Disappear Here", and props for the Bret Easton Ellis reference). Things grow to a delectably frightening head on "Disorient", possibly the most aptly named song in history, before chilling deliciously out on insanely-danceable closer "Motion Studies". If you like your saxophones melted like a Dali clock and your electronics all squiggly like an 8-bit NES game set in a haunted house, The Meets are glad to, uh, meet you. Check it out on Bandcamp for NAME YOUR PRICE, hoss, and keep your eyes on Johnstown, as this endearing little Rust Belt city is host to all sorts of wonderful weirdness as of late. Also, feast on some space-a-delica in this video for "Motion Studies", if you please.

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