October 16, 2012

Video: The ACBs - Ocean

I'm so hungry for pop music I can believe in.

This is a running theme in any pop-related post I've ever made on Decoder, as well as virtually every conversation I've had about music in the last five years. Something about my specific tastes and individual critical faculties dismisses most songs and leaves a large part of my music listening occupied with dance and electronic experimentations, despite having an overgrown pop heart.

This is all context to illustrate my personal thrill of hearing "Ocean" this weekend. The ACBs are from my hometown of Kansas City, and include members of Ghosty (their new LP is wonderful) and The Shy Boys (more on them later). "Ocean" is from their upcoming full-length Little Leaves; the stop-motion video depicts several small leaves. Join me in the thrill.

Free download of "Ocean" via Bandcamp.

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