November 8, 2012

An omen EP_

I'm not sure that any one artist has had a more profound impact on my own personal exploration of music and production than Trent Reznor. When he disbanded the Nine Inch Nails project and subsequently announced How to Destroy Angels; a new project with his wife Mariqueen Maandig, and longtime collaborators Atticus Ross and Rob Sheridan; I was excited and nervous. Their debut self-titled EP dropped just over two  years ago and was every bit as fantastic as I could have hoped, retaining Reznor's dark and industrial vibes while expanding it with the addition of Maandig's vocals, allowing the tracks to take on a fresher breath of life. Reznor just recently announced a new HtDA EP, An omen EP_, which is set to drop next week via Columbia. He's also said that some of the tracks from the EP will be on the group's debut full-length next year. In the meantime, however, the folks at Hype Machine have gotten a full stream of An omen EP_. Once again things sound dark, but this time the production takes on a more spacious quality that seems to be a trend through 2012, albeit a more than welcome trend. It's a sign that the group is still seeking to explore any and all unturned realms of sonic tension.

Stream: How to Destroy Angels - An omen EP_
An omen EP_ is available to pre-order now via HtDA's webstore, and officially drops this Tuesday, November 13, via Columbia Records. 

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