November 12, 2012

Back to Sleep

Last month Singapore Sling introduced me to x.y.r. with his tape Robinson Crusoe: Lost Soundtrack, an instrumental album themed along the lines of the novel, though its delightful synths ultimately begin to describe a different, more personal journey than I've typically seen represented. Their wonderful sense of precocious discovery mirrors to some extent the use of synthesized sound in Jordan Piper Philips new tape, Back to Sleep, recorded in 2010 but just recently released on Singapore Sling alongside a Piper Spray split with HCMJ. Composer Zach Phillips, the dude behind JPP, cops to a central sentimentality in the album copy: "all sounds produced on my Yamaha keyboard handed down to me by my sister when I was 12." The album's enthusiastic synth-pop oozes with personality and emotion in the light of that anecdote. I don't know much about Zach's other recordings, but he also goes by Blanche Blanche Blanche and Bruce Hart; both of which might be called "harder" projects. I'll pop a Bruce Hart track down before our Jordan Piper Philips streams. The music would certainly be a fit for Singapore Sling, though its just as good for leveraging meaning out of Back to Sleep, a more personal epistle from the experienced auteur.

Stream: Jordan Piper Philips - "Map of the City" (Royal Trux Cover) and "My Life"
Order the cassette here.

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