November 27, 2012


In the interests of full disclosure, I have a lot of externally conditioned good sentiment for Planted Tapes, so their sophomore release as a label - whatever it might be shaping up to be - has been something I've looked forward to. Not to be patronizing, but its two founders, Goldrush Music Festival organizer Crawford Phileo and Fingers of the Sun keyboardist Jamie Bryant, are friends to me and the missus and their capacity as people is easily born out by their respective projects.

Onto Lake Mary, another project that bears out its person: Chaz Prymek, who we know from his split with Jordan Knecht. For this release with Planted, Prymek creates what the label describes as "a perfect, damn-near holy amalgamation of drone and folk music, gracefully balancing on a line traced like charcoal to parchment, as if Prymek is revealing to his listeners what was always already there". His two compositions, the droning "Canopy" on the a-side and an acoustic guitar piece called "Mardotsha" on the b-side certainly fit the bill, effortlessly transportive. Effortless is a key word because artifice in this music would communicate readily to listeners, so it is that sense of Prymek's sincerity that makes the two universes of these songs so immediate and accessible. Planted has provided a ten minute excerpt and though it proved fine accompaniment to my writing this text, I'd sooner suggest relaxing with it. Consider buying the whole tape if you're prepared for a few minutes of "soulful driving", etc.

Stream: Previews of "Canopy" and "Mardotsha"

Purchase Lake Mary's cassette from Planted Tapes.

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