November 29, 2012

Coastal / Hyperion

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Alexander Spit has had a fantastic year of music. He put out an amazing mixtape of beats called Mansions (perhaps an insight into his five-year plan?), produced Bago's incredible Sunday's Best (one of my favorite records I almost slept on this year) and more recently dropped an EP of rap tracks title A Breathtaking Trip, also produced by himself. His debut full-length rap effort comes to us January 29 via Decon, and with the title A Breathtaking Trip to That Other Side it's fairly obvious that this one picks up right where the EP leaves off. Yesterday Fader got the drop on "Coastal / Hyperion", a new leak from the upcoming record that is co-produced with Caleb Stone. The beat bangs from the very beginning, and Spit's laid-back flow makes this a perfect summer-vibes track to warm us through the cold months of winter. Turn it up loud in the headphones and bounce.

Stream: Alexander Spit - Coastal / Hyperion A Breathtaking Trip to That Other Side drops January 29 via Decon Records.

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