November 12, 2012

Good Boy

My world is so saturated with psychedelia that I rarely get the chance to write about new straight-up rock and roll. The mailman arrived a few days ago with protein-heavy slab of rock from d'Bronx courtesy of CharlieHipHop and Band X the advice to play it loud, especially when driving. But I have a tape deck in my car. Still, my CD player belts it louder than my turntable, so I had it going and by the time "Hey Bo Diddley" came on, the windows were shaking. This biscuit offers a dozen solid scorchers with a couple mellower breezers thrown in to let you rub the sweat off your brow. Dig the lazy whistling intro to "Space Girl" and the shoulder-shrugging "Don't Worry". It's tunes like these that help you remember what America is supposed to be about.

Grab the digital download from CharlieHipHop himself for a piddly $7.77 and get a 12-page PDF with all the lyrics. Rock on!

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