November 25, 2012


Since well before collecting the lion's share of content that will be featured in the first print issue of Decoder (now in its final stages of proofing, on target for a December release), we've been bragging that part of it would be given over to our friend Adam Myatt's cat pictures. Admittedly, cat pictures that have a stronger conceptual underpinning than the run of the mill tumblr sets and humorous facebook newsfeed memes, but still; we're hipsters printing cat pictures. Myatt calls his subjects Hoodcats, most of them having been photographed in the East Bay's distressed West Oakland neighborhood. Myatt's capacity as a photographer and the incredibly sympathetic juxtaposition of cats and cat families with the neighborhood's more often than not damaged infrastructure and dangerous intersections have made his photos special to us, to say nothing of dozens of other online fans who watch his ongoing document of the neighborhood's most empowered citizenry. 

In order to feature some images from the collection and reinforce the ongoing series, Myatt is raising some modest funds to print a professional calendar with a dozen favorite subjects. Rewards range from one or more copies of the calendar, to the privilege of selecting what image graces your birthday month - that one'll cost you $81. 

To contribute, please visit Myatt's kickstarter page here. Hurry though, there are only four days left. You'll also be able to see a selection of similar photos in Decoder #1, available to preorder from the Decoder Store page.

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