November 13, 2012


Noorden is a Cologne-based creative collective with all of the northern proclivities that their name and location suggest, lent further accent by its conception in the Norwegian woods during a three week camping trip. One of their founders bought a Crash Symbols tape from us recently, so here I am, dutifully trading affections while I listen to their new tape Jahreszwei, a short set of four songs from the diverse Berlin-based producer The Marx TrukkerJahreszwei sees him wearing his ambient cap; production flourishes and structural eccentricities keeping at every moment clear the breadth of experience that his output so far encompasses. But as Noorden points out, they've conceptualized these songs as a companion to autumn. As I write, I find I can't even begin to imagine what autumn would be like in the real "North". West Virginia has some gorgeous leafage, but the weather is so bizarre and variable, I may not even remember what fall is like anywhere. In Berlin it's surely an artsy fart, I would think - at least for geniuses in the Weimar tradition. Jahreszwei, though, is not most notable for its "extreme dignity". The tape is mellow; the a-side drones to the vibration of guitar strings, the b-side drones in synth washes, and more or less betwixt and between floats the autumnal tradition of transition that any ear can pick out. Check out a reel of song samples from the tape below.
(When I said below just a second ago, I meant even farther down, past this optional addendum) While we've got you, I also thought I'd pop in a nice counterpoint to the Marx Trukker's ambient works: "A Fool for Free", comes from Liquid Garden: Chapter Two, an Eintakt Records label sampler. I'm forcing myself to not start talking seriously about them now that I've finished up with Marx, but suffice to say, Eintakt is worth the attention of any German electronic aficionado. Even just European electronic aficionados.

Stream: The Marx Trukker - Jahreszwei Preview Reel & "A Fool for Free"
Jahreszwei will be available on cassette and for download from Noorden's bandcamp on November 19.

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