November 2, 2012

Leaving x Stones Throw

The recent announcement that Stones Throw Records would be starting a new partnership with Leaving Records, fellow pioneers situated in the same LA 'burb, has special significance for us - I and the other editors here have been running our own cassette label, Crash Symbols, for some years now. One of our first tapes was Bending Brass, the debut album from The Cyclist, an incredibly genial Irish producer I'd met named Andrew Morrison, a dude with a seriously well developed faculty for navigating the singularity of contemporary electronic/dance music, expertly teasing beauty out of a coterie of damaged synths. The tape was a slow burner, but impressed all the right people, with Leaving's interest cultivated via an emailed demo at least a month before we'd even released his first album. We followed it the year after with a remixtape, to which my wife and I contributed a track under our moniker Visiting Houses.

So, I was particularly excited to see that the new Leaving/Stones Throw partnership was being promoted with one of his songs: "Visions", the second track on a new collaborative mixtape the two imprints assembled, now out on cassette in anticipation of Vinyl/CD/Digital this January. The track is entirely representative of Andrew's forward thinking approach to sound and nothing makes me happier in the world to see that his new audience seems to like it as much as we've loved his previous output. It's almost as exciting that in 2013 his new album will be the first to benefit from the association of Stones Throw's resources with Leaving.

Godspeed, Mr. Morrison.

Stream: The Cyclist - Visions
Purchase the cassette compilation and read up on the new partnership here - God knows there are plenty of other folks onboard to entice you if the Cyclist ain't your cup of tea.

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