November 21, 2012


Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Michael Myerz has come a long way since he first began sending me tracks. As a nerdy, Jewish white boy there are a dozen obvious reasons to not like him as a rapper, but obvious and normal sit a little too close together for my comfort. His voice isn't dry and raspy or high and wet, it's pretty plain. But the dude has flow, and beyond that, he has something to say aside from getting money, weed, and girls (all topics that I enjoy but could certainly use a break from here and there.) On Metamorphosis, the latest album from Myerz, we hear the man open up and show his own uncertainty with his future; with plenty of tracks still retaining the carefree, fun-on-my-mind vibe we've come to enjoy from Mikey. The entire record is also produced by Necedah, who's beats are absolutely flawless across. In opening track "Yom Kippur", Myerz goes of on a list of his sorrows that are outrageously tangible, even apologizing for bitching so much and also being too apologetic. It's a deeply introspective look at a guy pushing to live his dream and his struggles in coping with setbacks along the way. You can catch the video above, and check out Metamorphosis in it's entirety below.

Stream/Download: Michael Myerz - Metamorphosis

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