November 12, 2012

MiDi Murder

Eclectic NYC producer Nick Koenig, who has proven exceptionally adept at transforming dial-up noises and other bits of real-world noise into quirky, pulsating beats (and expertly posing for pictures, as Mishka points out) has been releasing his sample-based electronic transmissions for a hot minute under the name Hot Sugar. Recently he dropped the MiDi Murder EP as a free download, with a full extended LP of the release to drop early 2013. The record, besides being about a thousand times more rewarding through headphones, (which are more or less necessary to catch all the fine details of Koenig's expansive palette of sounds) boasts a mouthwatering number of guest spots from the tastier parts of the recent rap underground, including Antwon, Chippy Nonstop, Shady Blaze, and, of course, the 2012 rap prerequisite feature from Das Racist's Heems. I've been steady bumping this EP since about a week after it dropped, and I would advise you to not do the same, because I'm sure Luger has dropped some new beats elsewhere. Oh, you actually like inventive hip-hop production? In that case, cop the EP below.

Stream: Hot Sugar - MiDI Murder

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