November 27, 2012


Post Radio is another transfixing, lo-fi epic from the Living Room Visions/Sunup Recordings collective. NYKDLN (a.k.a. Scott Michael, of Johnstown, PA) weaves a jarring and hypnotizing tapestry from the haunted gray zones between stations on the dial, where snatches of familiar plastic pop and monotonous talk show horrors are swarmed with infesting waves of static and frequency churn. Eerie bits of sound buoy to the surface of the mix like drowning, lost souls, only to sink down, dissolving matter in a sea of disturbing white noise. This is a strikingly original achievement, and one that has surprisingly deep repeat-listening value, as the listener grows ever more and more entranced by the unexpected human touches found within the sonic maelstrom. When last I blurbed for Decoder, it was on the subject of Brandon Locher, another of Johnstown's finest musical exports, and I'll repeat what I said there: this small, western PA city, and the My Idea Of Fun kids in particular, is a scene to watch and then some.

Post Radio is available now from Sunup Recordings' bandcamp, name your price.

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