November 20, 2012

Premeire: Not the 1s - Lite Years (Prod. by Jules Chaz)

Not the 1s is the trans-bay collaboration of a San Franciscan and an Oaklander, Cuzzo D and Mawnstr, whose debut Why You Cryin'? with local label Gold Robot Records we covered before and after its release late this last summer. Since then, the duo's produced the above video with RiFF RAFF (which is presumably pretty representative of all SoCal curbside commerce) and a song for CrayonBeats' last mixtape, though I'm happy to say I've gathered y'all round this here blog post to share a new Jules Chaz produced track from their second LP, appearing first on a new label sampler from Portland's Circle Into Square yesterday. The diverse label is an appropriate venue for the track considering Chaz's work for the dynamic duo almost uniquely (to date) showcases their trademark production habits, collaborating with innovative and experimental producers to build the perfect backdrop for a wittiness that would still be satisfying even if it was "just" a goofy artistic exercise.

MP3: Not the 1s - Lite Years (Prod. by Jules Chaz)
Check out Why You Cryin'? on Gold Robot and enjoy the new sampler from Circle Into Square while we wait for further details on the new LP.

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