November 27, 2012

Premiere: Krusht - Orange Sky

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
For just over a year now Krusht has consistently wowed me. He is an artist who not only has an obvious knack for creating beats both soothing and exciting at once, but he is also constantly striving for growth. Both of his early EPs (Back To The Forest & By The Pool) show range between them while still having obvious points to tie the two together, with the most obvious being how fun and danceable the tracks are. He sent over this new banger last night with the news of his debut LP. "Orange Sky" actually will not appear on the record, but Krusht has said it is indicative of the album's sound and his evolution as a producer. The song was inspired by a game of catch underneath LA's polluted skyline, which often creates stunning lighting effects across . As dusk fell the entire atmosphere had an orange glow, attributing to the first time I've been somewhat thankful for pollution, for without it we may not have this wonderful new banger from Krusht.

Stream/Download: Krusht - Orange Sky

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