November 8, 2012


Zachg is a guy that exudes swag. With ties to Mишка and Green Ova as well as founding Rad Reef, you'd think he was busy enough; but you'd be wrong. Earlier this week Zachg released his sixteenth project from this year alone. Raindancin (in the Pussy) sounds like a record that would be much more misogynistic than it actually turns out to be. The album actually focuses more on Zachg's attempts at understanding women and the societal pressures of being a male in the US today, where we're expected to be the more assertive of the sexes and often the less expressive. It's a contemplative, well thought out record and Zachg makes sure not to take himself too seriously (as evidenced by that beautiful cover art above) without forgetting that the nature of song is to express.

Stream/Download: Zachg - Raindancin (in the Pussy)

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