November 29, 2012

Snow Crash

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
Few people know their way around an anthemic sci-fi soundtrack like Xander Harris does. Today Мишка dropped his newest album, Snow Crash, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Neal Stephenson's book of the same title. The story takes place in Los Angeles (sci-fi fucking loves LA!), and focuses on main character Hiro Protagonist, best described by his business card, which states that he is "last of the freelance hackers and greatest swordfighter in the world." Hiro and newfound friend Y.T. learn of a drug/virus called "snow crash" that effects the brains of hackers in the metaverse while also acting as a virus on the human mind in reality. It's a pretty heady and amazing concept that hopefully you will read in the book, because you get nothing else from me. Now head to the library and grab a copy, throw Xander's beyond stellar soundtrack on in the headphones, and enjoy. On the adverse, if you happen to be in Austin tonight Harris will be hosting a listening party for the record at The North Door. See you there?

Stream/Download: Xander Harris - Snow Crash

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