November 1, 2012

Soaring Over a Cubic Landscape

Another day, another awesome new bit o' music from the forever prolific and exciting Living Room Visions collective. This time the good word's in the form of a budding collaboration between Lawrence, KS noisenik Drew Smith (the MTYMNHKA blog, Sarcastic Magician Records, Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra) and Chicago's David Seeber, the man behind the endlessly creepy and alluring Otto Rollo. Their first single as I See It All is the aptly-titled "Soaring Over a Cubic Landscape". In an all-too-brief three minute span, we're sent sailing over a vast heathland of rumbling Atari synths, delicately picked and processed guitar, and otherworldly vocals. Awash in delay, simultaneously soothing and foreboding, the track bodes well for future alignments of the two creative orbits. 

Check it out for whatever $$$ you want to offer over at Mr. Bandcamp

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