November 28, 2012

Tender Tendencies

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
A couple of weeks ago The-Dream announced the release of his album 1977 on December 18. If you're thinking 'Wait, but wasn't that record on Jheri's favorite albums of 2011 list?' then I'll thank you for paying attention, because yes it was. Last year he released the record as a free mixtape download under the name his birth name, Terius Nash. Now he is reissuing the album as a physical release with some bonus tracks attached and brand new artwork. Some folks seem to be a bit upset by this, but in his defense he gave it away free before doing the standard Christmas-time deluxe reissue template, and that free version wound up on a lot of best of lists, so he deserves to be paid for his that was so favored. A couple of weeks ago he dropped the absolutely infectious bonus track "AK-47" (which you can also hear remixed on the Party Trash remixes album we mentioned yesterday.) This past Monday The-Dream gave us another bonus leak titled "Tender Tendencies". Where "AK47" saw Nash calling out his subject for being harsh and cold, "Tender Tendencies" shows himself revealing his own flaws and lying them on the table for the world to dissect. I also have a strong affinity for artists than can expose themselves in such a way, as I can only imagine how difficult it is to be under such a hot spotlight.

The-Dream - Tender Tendencies The-Dream - AK47

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