November 12, 2012

The LA Fort

One of the most frustrating aspects of the underground music scene is often the lack of a real venue space that lesser known bands can easily get shows at. The obvious solution becomes DIY venues in homes, warehouses, record stores, etc. The problem then extends to "How do we put on a  show?" It's not as simple as inviting the band and expecting them to show up with full gear and sound equipment, though often times that's exactly what happens. In LA this problem is obviously huge, considering the amount of music and focus on general entertainment in the city. Fortunately some of the homies at the LA chapter of FMLY are seeking to somewhat legitimize the DIY (or in this case, DIT) venue concept. The Fort is being funded entirely through Indiegogo, with a variety of t-shirts, records, stickers and more as perks for contributing. The venue will split show profits 60/40 in favor of the artist. They also mention offering merch services via local artists, which I believe means there will be tons of limited edition tees comng out of the Fort as well. There are currently five to ten people working daily on fixing up the venue space, building amp stacks, and going the extra mile to give LA a rad venue space that is for everyone. All notions of exclusivity are out the window, and with your help we can watch the Fort flourish; and hopefully also inspire others in cities across the world to make similar efforts toward achieving a thriving music community.

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