November 21, 2012

The Softest Urge

Of all the cassettes from Night People's autumn run, this live recording from Superstar radiates most warmly. I've played it more often even than the Happy Jawbone Family Band, though that's a different mood entirely. Superstar is two people from Melbourne. There's some pretty singing and a bit of a beat, but mostly it's guitar, all ripply and expansive, like when they go into a dream sequence in old sitcoms, but slow-mo. It's peels of soft-echo guitar like veils cast from the top of a tall building. There's some synth in there. This music is not far from the dreams I had when I took mushrooms before my afternoon naps in the 80s. I listen often in my office, when I'm trying to write, or when I'm pretending I'm not at work. A couple of weekends ago my wife and I listened as we crossed a military zone to Pasaquan. It was warm for November and the windows were down. My wife stuck her arm out the window and let her hand surf on the whipped-up wind, slow waves up and down, and she said, This is nice. She took a deep breath and sighed and let her head fall against the seat back. It feels so good to get away and de-stress, she said. It does indeed.

There's still time to buy four cassettes and get six.

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