November 12, 2012

Toys Unatic

If you're anything like the handful of our close friends who follow Moon Glyph, you may be saying "what, another beauty"? From the perfect "psych-stables" that I told y'all they possess about a fortnight ago when I wrote up their incredible free label sampler Opal Vol. I & II. I'm probably always saying "they" but Moon Glyph is mostly a one man operation, like Treasure Hunt, aka Myles Dunhill, a new addition to the label via Dallas that you may recognize from his song "Skinny Parrot", which opened volume two of the aforementioned sampler. Treasure Hunt's sampler, whatever its make or model, was up to something a little different: psychedelic sound collaging. Having found some of his previous recordings, his Moon Glyph debut Toys Unatic collects some of his most delicate and restrained music to date. Moon Glyph calls the opener's cascading strings and gently wheezing horns an "aqueous, disorienting composition", appropriately enough as it precedes "Too Dew", but I'd extend "aqueous" and "disorienting" to the entire album; on "Six Is" there's so much echoing you might feel like you were rushing down some kind of river. Thirteen minute long closer "Tendone" wraps the whole thing up in a precocious bow with its continuation of the album's jazz theme in careful arrangements of overlapping instrument samples, hung alongside one other like Dunhill is some mystic savant, arranged in a pattern of unfolding meaning.

Stream: Treasure Hunt - One Fungi

Order Toys Unatic on cassette here.

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