November 6, 2012


The fantastic Melbourne experimental label Dreamland Recordings offers us a tasty slice of sound art in Michael Munson's deliriously awesome new full-length, Twinships. Compromised of four lengthy movements, the album came about as a collaboration with dancer and choreographer Deanne Butterworth, with the aim of "dealing with the exploration of different worlds…an attempt to create two simultaneous worlds, the sonic and physical, in order to challenge the way we observe and perceive people". A weighty concept, indeed, and Munson's luscious landscapes of sound are more than up to the task, each unfolding like delicate origami as they move from corroded noise and Hecker-like synth washes in "Part 1"  to the soothing, blissed-out SOTL drones and haunted vocal samples of "Part 3". By the time we reach the heady psychedelic rush of synths and nature sounds that closes the album, we're more than happy to linger in these twinned worlds, and to return and explore them at our leisure.

Ethereal and utterly magical, Twinships is available now at Dreamland Recordings' bandcamp.

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