November 9, 2012

Untitled 7"

Today, I'm tracking elusive prey - that most misunderstood of animals, the Untitled 7". A perennial favorite, the unit of music that collects one or more conceptually independent works such that one title would be crass. In the case of our friend Jennifer Baron's 7" as Garment District with La Station Radar, a remix by none other than Sonic Boom - Peter Kember of Spacemen 3, Spectrum, and E.A.R fame - gets the first billing. No one is better qualified than her to say just how cool that is, so I'm going to quote her lengthy email at length:
"It is a massive honor - and I remain quite humbled by the experience - of having 'Nature-Nurture' remixed by Sonic Boom, one of my musical heroes. Today, I can listen to his music from the 1980s and the 1990s, and it truly sounds in some way like a new experience, fresh and tactile and with new dimensions uncovered and revealed . . . I had met Sonic Boom a few times over the years, and could not really imagine anyone else remixing a song of mine, at least that song in particular. He worked on it in his New Atlantis Studios in England, and encouraged feedback and input from me during the process. When he was just about finished, and we were discussing the final few measures of the song, he suggested that I record a new part to replace what I had played on the original and to consider altering the style of the final melody. I loved the process of recording a new keyboard melody quite spontaneously late one night in my house in a different time zone from him, and having it just sit naturally within the remix he did."
The remix is a tremendous collaboration and unique for the creative exchange that made it, though the 7"s two originals, "Miraculous Metal" and "Vigor" have at least much to recommend them, the former a particularly suitable showcase for Baron's dynamic textural universe. In large part because of its placement after Sonic Boom's remix and "Miraculous Metal", "Vigor" (the file I was sent is titled "Vigor & Vitality") may feel like a lonelier novelty. An interview she conducted with No Fear of Pop reveals: "'Vigor'" is special to me because it is a long distance collaboration with Kevin C. Smith (The Artificial Sea), who is a circuit bender/sound artist now living in Oakland, California", re-affirming the strong collaborative streak in all of Baron's music. Further, she reveals that it was made from "audio snippets I recorded over several months' time in my western Pennsylvania environment" - maybe it's just the thought of voices I recognize appropriated to that end, but it was a highlight of the single for me.

Check out this video for the 7"s first b-side, "Miraculous Metal", and stream the whole record below.

Stream: The Garment District - Untitled 7"
 Buy the 7" here.

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