November 28, 2012

Video: CRIM3S - lost

[video by Oohh Mmyy Godd]
Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
I've always had a strong lust for that which makes others uncomfortable. It's a quality my friends have often deemed weird and interesting at once; a quality that I attribute to the fact that I always feel uncomfortable, and we all just want everyone else to be on the same playing field that we feel stuck on. I get the feeling that CRIM3S might share this lust with me. On Monday I posted their amazing mix for LOGO, along with a track called "lost" that they had posted in October. Yesterday the duo tweeted a link to a video for the track that might vaguely unsettle the squeamish. Still, given the lyrics and full scope of the video, there is an obvious notion of healing through acceptance of being alone. It's a beautiful clip that adds a new layer of tonality the song, making me appreciate it that much more.

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