November 13, 2012

Video: k i d s - NINE YEARS OLD

While no longer a member of Pretty Bird after an amicable parting of ways, K. Jared Collins has not given up his lust for writing song. Under the moniker k i d s, he is now seeking to explore our sense of self as perceived through relationships with others, including the lost ones that have made us who we are. His most recent album, SOUNDTRACK FOR THE ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE​.​.​. "COVER YOUR FACE IN CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, CLOSE YOUR EYES and TRY TO REMEMBER THE ONES YOU LOVE", is a conceptual soundtrack for what calls a "made-up movie that plays while in a christian holiday themed sensory deprivation tank." Yesterday he released the above woozy visual aid for standout track "At 7th and Broad. NINE YEARS OLD: Cast of Characters". You can listen to and download the entire "soundtrack" over at the The Birdhouse Collective bandcamp.

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