November 19, 2012

Video Premiere: Mind Over Mirrors - Memorander

With Mind Over Mirrors third full-length, Check Your Swing, out now, Jaime Fennelly's blown-out harmonium missives have reached new heights. Over the year and a half since the release of his debut, he's been honing a sound that is entirely his own. With more complex compositions and melodies, Check Your Swing elevates the rawness of his previous outings to a new level. This is music with the grime baked-in. As the organic sound of his harmonium is blitzed with bent circuitry, Fennelly continues to find something new and enthralling. It's almost as if there's something subliminal being transported directly into your brain matter from the repetitive, highly-addictive sound sequences and by the end, it's dug in deep.  "Memorander" is advanced-state sonic sorcery at its finest. Mind Over Mirrors is creating electronic music for a distant future.

Footage from Stadt In Flammen and Rumpelstilzchen (J├╝rgen Reble, 1984, 1989), Here And There and Cineforms (Andrzej Pawlowski, 1957). Family archive footage courtesy of Mr. Macarie.

Check Your Swing is out now on Hands in the Dark.

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