November 26, 2012

Video: Slug Christ x Silky Johnson - Bad Habit

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...
If you've been with us since the GOTC days you might already know Chaz Bell as the twisted brain behind fuzzed-out garage project H | P S. Bell is, however, a lover of distortion in general, and also a fan of southern rap. Lately he's been teaming with Atlanta rapper Silky Johnson (not to be confused with the Bay Area producer of the same name) under his Slug Christ moniker for a collection of skrewed and blown out jams. Yesterday the duo released a new video for their Kashmere-produced track "Bad Habit" that is perfectly paired with lean and picante ramen. The video showcases the two emcees getting down in the streets, soaring through alternate realities, and smoking a variety of blunts & bongs; all in the name of having a good time with the bad habits. Below you can also check out some extraordinary trap beats that Chaz produced this past summer. 

Stream/Download: Chaz Bell - Chz In The Trap

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