December 1, 2012

Casey Chisholm/Pregnant Split

On January 1st Ascension Recordings will release a split cassette from founder Casey Chisholm and his spiritual compadre Pregnant, though the two diverge in tone and atmosphere in these two samples from the tape; Chisholm's more constructed synth-pop contrasting with the precocious, orchestral noise-bin that Pregnant's Daniel Trudeau conjures up in accompaniment to his layered vocal delivery. "Coco's Gone" has been on Trudeau's bandcamp as a standalone single for a little while now, but we're glad that he's taken it off the shelf for a new group of songs; El Ae being the name of his b-side and Watch Over Me Casey's a-side. Making it all a bit more enigmatic, Dan also has an undated single called "El Ae" floating on his bandcamp as well. I'm sure the split'll pick it up, in case you were following the dating joke that ends right here.

Casey Chisholm - Look Out
Pregnant - Coco's Gone
Buy the two's split from Ascension on January 1st.

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