December 18, 2012

Celestial Shore & Shopping Spree

Not to be trite, but great packaging is great, right? Haven't gotten to see this incredible, Shel Silverstein-esque j-card in person yet, but I think we can all agree that it's incredible. It was given its impressive complexion by Juliet Phillips, so congratulations to Juliet and Prison Art Records for the fab packaging. Moving on, that packaging graces Prison Art's recent split cassette with Celestial Shore and Shopping Spree, a potent pairing that juxtaposes the two Brooklyn bands' complimentary take on contemporary pop; the former band with its polished pastoralism, pop that echoes with baroque charm, while Shopping Spree plums a more unhinged vein that builds effectively on"post"-Elephant Six psych-pop, as opposed to the more visible and more controlled angle of Animal Collective influenced projects. The transition from a to b-side almost unites the two approaches in the comfortable turn that you hear listening to the album digitally, when Celestial Shores' "Don't Fall" turns into "Pool Sneaks" on the Shopping Spree side, bringing Frank Zappa and the Ladybug Transistors closer together than reality ever managed.

Celestial Shore - Growing Old
Shopping Spree - Warm Fuzzy Sweater
Buy the split from Prison Art.

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